VolumED Stuck On Mute (Part 2)

I ended the last post on the performance of Kamikazee. Renowned as an electrifying live act, I expected them to inject some life into the concert. They did, to a point. I wasn’t able to pay much attention to their set due to a splitting migraine, but it was evident that the crowd was into their act. I’m not a big Kamikazee fan, but they deserve props for bringing the crowd to life at least for a while.

FrancisM performed a decent set as well. He did a solid rendition of Kaleidoscope World and finished with Superproxy. I was actually wondering how he’d pull Superproxy off with Ely Buendia (SavELY!) in the hospital. It was too bad that Pochoy Labog (Dicta License vocalist) didn’t give him an assist on that one. Oh well.

Performing next was Urbandub. I was really anticipating their set as Urbandub is one of my favorite bands, whether in the local scene or in music as a whole. Last year’s Xavier fair was notable for having a lot of Urbandub fanatics in attendance. Believe me, I was shocked myself, especially since First of Summer hadn’t been released as a single then (although they performed it and announced it as their next single). This year, I guess the fanatics couldn’t get a flight here from Cebu, as the crowd was relatively quiet. I was disappointed they didn’t perform more songs from Influence (though I must say, A New Tattoo is still gold even after all this time). Pochoy Labog redeemed himself this time around, joining Urbandub for a rendition of Future. Overall though, the lack of feverish supporters this time around really made Urbandub’s performance seem weak compared to last year. That’s not (completely) their fault, though.

Rivermaya performed a solid set as well. I haven’t been completely impressed with their recent releases although their performance here was a solid mixture of old and new Rivermaya, which was good. I actually didn’t recognize Rico Blanco, as he apparently underwent an Ambush Makeover, looking like one of those grunge singers from the 90s. Shocking, to say the least.

That leaves three bands left, namely, Sponge Cola, Itchyworms and Sandwich. Out of the three, I was mst eagerly anticipating Sandwich, mostly due to Raimund Marasigan’s presence. I was excited to see the band set up on stage, signifying Sandwich was next. Marasigan was already performing mike checks , but for some reason, the Xavier fashion show commenced when Sandwich was already going to start their performance. That was pretty weird, and it wasn’t just the spectators who were disappointed. Raimund Marasigan went off on stage and actually swore on the mike as a “mike test”. According to my friend, he also did a number (and not a musical one) on the drumset while waiting for the fashion show to finish. Can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same.

Seeing as the fashion show wasn’t about to finish despite the clock ringing 1 AM and the generally disappointing show prior, I decided to leave. Reports say that the rest of the show was fine, though. Apparently, Sponge Cola headlined the thing and performed 2 songs before coming back for a scripted (their drummer didn’t leave) encore.

Overall, the show wasn’t bad or awful by any means, just disappointing. Or maybe that’s just because I’ve become more cynical the past year. Either way, I’m hoping next year’s performance will be redeeming.


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