Damn You, MYMP

Rivermaya. 6CycleMind. But most especially, Bamboo. Those are just some of the artists that have covered some classic material for their new releases, and it’s no secret that one of the bands mentioned above is catching some serious flak for it, too. But let’s not blame them. Let’s give mention to the “band” that started this mess. MYMP.

Make Your Mamma Proud. Known for their acoustic covers of various senti songs, the band has gained mainstream popularity for playing songs they didn’t write. Sure, I’ve read that they’ll finally have some original compositions in their next release, but as of now, the jury is still out on them. Believe me, they’re the ones that started this mess in the first place. If MYMP didn’t open the door for commercially-released cover albums, Bamboo wouldn’t be undergoing the avalanche of criticism they’re going through now. I wouldn’t be listening to an inferior version of Prinsesa, either.

Of course, some good things did come out of the cover craze. Ultraelectromagneticjam and Hopia, Mami, Popcorn were fine releases, and Up dharma Down’s “Bitin Sa Iyo” is one of songs on my playlist these days. The royalties (if they pay any) should help the original authors, who may or may not be feeling the after-effects of stardom and/or the throngs of financial instability these days. But still…

Hopefully, after what Bamboo has gone through for releasing a cover album, the craze will finally die down and I won’t have to slog through another acoustic “hit” over and over again on the airwaves. Here’s hoping.


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