Why Pogi Rock is Even More Awful Than Boybands

Does everybody remember boybands? F4 was the last big one here in the Philippines (I think) and it made the girls go gaga. You know, the those guys who sung awful ballads that were in turn sung by young females everywhere? I’m sure the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync must still resonate in your head, if only for the sheer agony their songs caused you at the height of their popularity. Well, good riddance to them.

Unfortunately, a new scourge is now dominating the airwaves, much to my chagrin. That is the advent of Pogi Rock (cue the horror music). Most would identify this type of “music” with bands like Cueshe and 6CycleMind. They’re famous for their masa appeal (especially to girls) and their heartwrenching (or gutwrenching, I puke on it all the time) ballads. Deja vu anyone?

Everyone knows the awful songs like Stay, Alipin, and Sandalan (flame me I don’t really mind) not to mention other “hits” like Sandalan and Sige. Honestly has the Philippines sunk this low? Masa stations (which I mentioned earlier) are so popular they’re choking the life out of once-credible DJs and stations. Masa music dominates the airwaves and television, thanks to MYX and the general public’s less-than-awesome tastes. But I’m straying from the topic. Honestly, the critics bash all of their albums yet nobody seems to get the hint. Even some people who I consider above-average music listeners have fallen under pogi rock’s thrall (although, redeemingly, it was only because of the riffs). Well, pogi rock is like junk food. Initially tasty, but no actual nutritional value. There is no substance in their lyrics, no depth, no anything. Of course, boyband songs are just the same, empty nonsense. The only redeeming quality that pogi rock has is that they don’t do synchronized dancing routines(yet). Also, some songs are not completely awful, just nothing special.

I was actually going to just wait for the fad to pass (and I really hope it will soon), but 6cyclemind just provoked me to do this. Even boybands had enough integrity not to butcher their own songs to go and advertise. They were smart enough to know that merch sales and fooling people into buying albums and going to gigs would be enough. But making sponsored songs is just plain dumb and idiotic if you want to preserve even a bit of music credibility. The fact that they’re advertising liquor is just icing on the cake. Honestly, does Tanduay think that 6cyclemind, of all bands, will help bring them bring in more buyers? The demographics are all messed up. Females who listen to 6cyclemind aren’t even allowed to drink, and all men who like the band are either drunkards or gay drunkards. Also, the song is awful. Of course, if it sucks in the beginning, I guess there’s nothing wrong with making it suck even more.

Honestly, going pogi rock already means you’re selling out. Maybe these bands have simply given up on critical acclaim and are just milking their popularity for all it’s worth. When you think about it, it’s a good business move. Unfortunately, it’s one that comes at my (and countless others’) expense.



  1. what’s wrong if people want them or if they are popular? Let the masses decide. But anyway, people have different tastes. Different for you, different for ME.

  2. Nothing inherently, but I wish people would choose bands that don’t sound the same as every other popular band. My head is numb from listening to the popular music that people play and request these days.

  3. I think kids today are missing out on real musicians, too. Bands these days are also more concerned about their looks than the quality of the shit they churn out. Looks don’t have anything to do with being a talented musician. Just because they’re a bunch of good-looking dudes, kids these days, most of them young girls, are getting the wrong perception that they’re automatically really very good musicians too. Like I said before, LOOKS DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO MUSICAL TALENT! Since band today are getting more banidoso, they shouldn’t be musicians in the first place. They should be actors.

  4. “Pogi Rock,” as you call it, is a well decorated and disguised boy band pop culture. It is the result of the popular notion today that anyone who digs boy band is next to loserness (if there’s such a word haha). As a perfect excuse for not-being-a-boy-band, they resort to clothe themselves with the appeal of a rock band. Amirite?

    Besides, their music sucks as much as their efforts to make cuteness out of themselves hahaha.

  5. Wow while the rest of asia like korea, japan and taiwan digs boy bands so much…only the Philippines seems to be left out, we seem to dig rock music more than dreaming of these cute/handsome guys with synchronized movements and emotional acting but I guess nowadays these “boy band culture” in asia is slowly creeping in to the Philippine music scene through these “pogi rock”…maglabas na lang sila ng boy bands na sumasayaw at nagpapacute sa camera baka maging hit pa di lang sa pinas pati pa sa asia.

  6. Sigh*

    I don’t even need to read your blog to agree with you, just listening to them infinite times on jeeps or taxis makes me nauseous and angry that people have no decent taste in music. I know this blog has been made 3 years ago so let me give you an update for popular philippine music of this year(2010-2011).
    On the pop scene are korean boy bands, “pogi” rock/pinoy rock, pinoy rap, countless opm, korean girl uhh bands?? ( I don’t know what they’re called), some nonsensical jingles, club music. On the underground are pinoy metal, pinoy rap, “pogi”/ pinoy rock.

    The deepness on the lyrics with this music is a matter of depth in comparison with the rest of the genres. It’s not that different to kpop when translated, it talks about heartbreaks, romance stories, the famous I’m-such-a-good-looking-fella-and-people-hate-me story, all in all they’re not deep because when you look at it they’re all predictable and it follows a certain pattern left behind by the original “deep” song that made all these crap popular plus the tradition of image-sells-the-album theory.
    However, pinoy metal, underground pinoy rock/rap fails to save itself from the chain of fails. Pinoy metal sounds like many popular metal, just some deep “grrrr” voices and shrieks. Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed many metal bands especially those from the ’70s and ’80s, and those were really good bands unlike the generic metal bands today. The underground filipino rocks and raps sound the same as its popular counterparts except not much success.

    I’ve been to some countries and experienced their music culture but I’m not going to compare it to our local songs. I will however list some of the genres of music I liked.

    Japanese Experimental Folk – man no jrock/jpop for me, when I think japanese music, this is all that comes to mind.

    Classical Music – I’m a sucker for these. I also like some classical music intended for some video games, mainly rpg’s. (Motoi Sakurabai)

    Celtic Rock/Metal, Viking Metal, Metal –

    Some good Indie bands – not just the bands western highschoolers listen to but the real indie bands that you have to go to their shows yourself or download to enjoy the music. I still like MGMT though.

    Some good underground rap – basically the bands that talk about life NOT the bling blings, money, hate, nationality, crimes, girls, etc.. (e.g. Atmosphere – Guarantees)

    Industrial, darkwave, deathrock, EBM – I don’t have to be a “goth”, a subculture of punk, to enjoy this music.

    punk rock, post punk, alternative rock – many bands from ’70s to ’90s and also some newer more modern ones

    Grunge – I was born in the ’90s so growing up this one I am most familiar with, ever since I was a kid I’ve been listening to this. (Alice in Chains, My Vitriol (if that’s grunge), Kurt Cobain, L7, etc..) Also what affects me the most is the nostalgia factor.. Simpsons was at its best that I just couldn’t bear to watch it now. The commercials were a lot BETTER compared to the crap today.

    Psychedelic Bands –

    Shoegazer – (Meanwhile back in Communist Russia, Slowdive,..)

    SOme classic pinoy rock – (Eraserheads – Ang huling El bimbo, ??? – Magasin)

    Garage Bands –

    Some of these bands are successful, some only exists for the music but that’s not the important thing because what’s important to me is that I enjoy the music and how it affects me in the passionate sense or the just listen to it anyway but it still sounds good factor.

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