Happy New Years

Here’s to hoping that Filipino music will be better in 2008.


Pupil- Wild Life

Album Art

Just a few months after Ely Buendia’s heart-attack, I really did not expect this album to be put out so soon. Just chalk that up to Mr. Buendia’s passion for making music I guess. Either way, Wild Life is out, and it might be a bit different from what music enthusiasts were expecting.

One of the biggest criticisms on Mr. Buendia has been his recent… aversion from his pop roots. From the final albums of the Eraserheads, to Wanted: Bedspacer, to the Mongols, and to Pupil, Mr. Buendia’s music has definitely been unique, to say the least. Albums like Carbon Stereoxide and Buddha’s Pest Continue reading

Urbandub- Under Southern Lights

Under Southern Lights

It’s been a while since I’ve touched this blog. Oh well. Urbandub’s fourth album has been anticipated for a while, especially after their single First of Summer got them massive popularity nationwide. Before then, the band was arguably just a very big indie band (is that an oxymoron?), with their first two albums, Birth and Influence, nabbing critical acclaim but not mainstream appeal. Soul Searching nabbed Song of the Year at the NU Rock Awards a while back, but even then the band didn’t really make many waves with the masses. First of Summer changed all of that. Suddenly it was their song playing on the radio (pardon the pun). One must remember that Alert the Armory, the first single off Embrace, got some airplay, but it was much more comparable to what the band received in their first releases. The massive appeal that First of Summer brought carried over to their next singles as well, and Urbandub was newly minted as a big-timer in OPM music. Of course, expectations are high for Under Southern Lights. Continue reading