Digg for Music Fans

I’m not really sure if Digg is at all popular in the Philippines, but it sure as hell is overseas. For the uninitiated, Digg is a news site that allows registered users to submit their own news stories, articles, etc. to the site, with popularity (measured via votes, or “diggs”) determining what it shown in the front page. Articles submitted need not be serious news, as it also has categories for offbeat news, technology articles, and so forth. Most of the news there is fairly interesting, though America-centric. The website has also spawned quite a few “admirers”, or imitators, such as Reddit and Mixx. One category that isn’t covered in Digg, though, is music. While news on music celebrities is common (hello Britney, still bald?), actual songs aren’t really covered. That’s where the Sixtyone.com comes in.

The site is basically Digg for songs. Artists (I repeat, artists, not the general audience) submit their songs to the site, and we the people vote for the songs which deserve top billing. There’s a point system, to avoid vote spamming, with incentives going to those who vote songs which subsequently get more popular. Of course, one can also choose to just listen to what people have already voted for.

The site offers numerous genres for the listeners, and so far, the streaming has been pretty quick with my PLDT connection. The content has been pretty decent so far, though that could change.

Visit thesixtyone.com here.


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