MTV and Imago’s Under Repair

One of the videos on heavy rotation on MTV right now is Imago’s Under Repair. Not a bad choice, mind you. It’s a pretty good song, but one thing I noticed in the TV version was the modified audio. Aia definitely sounds different in the album. In the video, she strains to sing on key parts of the song. In the album, she does no such thing. Compare these two: Continue reading


On Callalily and the Pogi Rock Phenomenon

Against my better judgment, I decided to listen to Callalily’s new album, Fisheye. Gaining massive popularity because of a big debut single Stars, the band now has legions of fans and strong album sales. They also have a male contingent calling for their heads. People would most likely put me in the latter party. After all, I’ve lambasted them time and time again. They are getting highly undue spotlight and are depriving more deserving bands of it as well. Still, when everything is all said and done, is all the badmouthing for all of this commotion well-deserved? Continue reading

Rock 101: Narda

Narda (noun)

1. song written by Kamikazee about Philippine comic superheroine Darna which received massive airplay and numerous accolades across the country

2. a critically-acclaimed Philippine indie band which sadly left us too soon

Narda is a band I’ve referenced multiple times in this blog, so I figured I might as well show readers why I mention them so much. Hopefully, this’ll be an eye-opener for those uninitiated with the band and only know that blasted Kamikazee song. Continue reading

Random Musing 3

Well somebody sure has some time on his/her hands. Poor Ang Bandang Shirley. I’d understand if it was “Cueshe sucks” or “Hale sucks”, those bands have an established “anti-fan”-base. But ABS? They aren’t particularly revolting, are they?

Dirty Music

Ahem. I’m not talking about the “alternative rock” drivel on the radio today nor any of the plagiarized music that has made rounds on the Philippine music. Rather, I’m appealing to much more primal urges- meaning sex. After all, they say that sex sells, right? And sex is most definitely a factor in music, whether it is in the composition, the music itself, or what you’re doing while the music is playing (heh). For an interesting take on the topic, check out Sheila and the Insects’ official blog. Actually check out the whole thing, it’s a great read.

Getting back on topic, sex is most definitely prevalent in Philippine music. Continue reading

On Disbanding Rock Acts and the Pinoy Rock Implosion

In the past half-year or so, many a good rock act has disbanded due to various reasons. You have Narda, who broke up after the pressures of constant defections and lineup shake-ups, ending a promising run that climaxed with Discotillion, perhaps the band’s most well-received album. You also have Sheila and the Insects, wherein disenchantment within the band basically caused the hiatus or perhaps the end of the band that brought us the albums Tangible Rhymes, Plastic Eyes, Static Minds, Manipulator, and Flowerfish. Dicta License is gone too, after releasing just one studio LP. Orange and Lemons, as much as I dislike them, are gone as well, after just releasing what NU107 called its album of the year. You’d think that those bands all had bright or at least promising futures ahead of them, and it is depressing to think of what might have been. Continue reading

Drip’s New Album

On their Multiply-based newsletter, Drip basically announced the launch of their sophomore outing, Identity Theft. The album launches March 15, 2008 at Magnet High Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Here’s the link.

Let me just say that I’m very excited for this one. I enjoyed their debut, Far Side of the World, and their cover of Kabilugan ng Buwan garnered them some recognition. Not to mention, their lead singer actually got a photo-op with FHM. Of course, their frontwoman’s good looks don’t really matter, right? Right?

Either way, their music is an exquisite pastiche of rock and electronica, and it is definitely enhanced by Miss (?) Calma’s vocal talents. Here is Listening, a live cut of a song that may or may not be on that new album.

Addendum: The song has been renamed as “Is Anybody Listening?”, and the song list, chords, and lyrics have all been posted on their Multiply journal here.