Dirty Music

Ahem. I’m not talking about the “alternative rock” drivel on the radio today nor any of the plagiarized music that has made rounds on the Philippine music. Rather, I’m appealing to much more primal urges- meaning sex. After all, they say that sex sells, right? And sex is most definitely a factor in music, whether it is in the composition, the music itself, or what you’re doing while the music is playing (heh). For an interesting take on the topic, check out Sheila and the Insects’ official blog. Actually check out the whole thing, it’s a great read.

Getting back on topic, sex is most definitely prevalent in Philippine music. Or at least it was, before mainstream media neutered music to songs about lost love and heartbreak blah blah. Nonetheless, it’ll take you no time to find sex references in some pretty big songs, one of which is Kjwan’s Twilight, which if you remember from my earlier posts, is a song I am a big fan of.

For more Marc Abaya-Sex related music, check out Sandwich’s older albums, which contain their fair share of kinky dialogue.

While listening to said songs, one might wonder if all sex-related rock songs are that loud and violent and whatnot. To diffuse that notion, here’s a track by Ang Bandang Shirley, titled… ahem, Ang Pag-ibig Alinsunod sa Karanasan ng Isang Karaniwang Jeepney Driver AKA Tsuper Duper.

Another possible notion is that men are misogynistic pigs and make all of these degrading songs without regard to females. Let’s just remember that the girls made their share of innuendo-filled songs as well. And I’m not just referring to those Pussycat-Dolls-Kitty-Girls-Sexbomb-Dancers-poisoning-the-youth garbage either. Some really good girl-fronted bands have put out… erhem, released some sex-related spiel themselves. Like Drip:

and the Kris Gorra-fronted Eheads:

As a parting gift, here’s another one, another personal favorite of mine, Sheila and the Insects’ My Favorite Sin.

And remember folks, keep it clean.


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