MTV and Imago’s Under Repair

One of the videos on heavy rotation on MTV right now is Imago’s Under Repair. Not a bad choice, mind you. It’s a pretty good song, but one thing I noticed in the TV version was the modified audio. Aia definitely sounds different in the album. In the video, she strains to sing on key parts of the song. In the album, she does no such thing. Compare these two:

MTV Version:

“Album Version” (and this is how it sounds in the album, video notwithstanding):

The difference is kinda obvious, ya know?

The MTV version definitely sounds more like what one would hear live. Not that Ms. De Leon can’t hit those notes, but it wouldn’t sound out of place in a live performance. On a music video, it sticks out like a sore thumb. Did Imago ask for it? Or is this some consequence of that repackaged Blush? Speaking of Blush, I do think it demeans an album when a Tokyo Tokyo theme is placed in as another full track, rather than a bonus. Spolarium too, no matter how good their version is. At least in Pupil’s Wild Life and Sugarfree’s Tala-Arawan, the commercial jingles were left as the final/bonus track. Is Blush the same album for it? After all, albums aren’t just compilations of songs. When you haphazardly insert a couple of new tunes in it, does the album really change? At least the new additions have a similar sound to the other songs in the album. Imagine if they put in Bihag or Rainsong. Now that would have been weird. And also kind of sad for fans of the old Imago. But that’s something for another post. It’s just bothering me that Imago’s repackaged album is so…. irreverent to the original Blush.

For more criticism on repackaged albums, Tabachoi spoke of it as well.

Pack that sheet.


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