Drip- Identity Theft (2008)

Drip- Identity Theft

Has anyone seen that Morning After video on MTV? Better yet, has anyone else noticed how oddball Drip’s videos always are? We had that alien cannibalism video, the adobo cooking recipe video, and now, we have a girl with a golf cub beating up a bunch of gang-bangers (think clean thoughts, now), including Mr. Ramon Bautista (who has cameo-d in quite a few videos now).

Videos aside, the band has released very good electronic music, a mix of Continue reading


Paramita- Paramita (2008)

One of the hardest things about making a positive dent in today’s music scene is standing out from the crowd. Bands are dime a dozen these days and being unique is a valued commodity, for both the band and the manager-label contingent. Sometimes it’s the sound, or the lyrics, or technical ability, having something unique about the band can go a long way towards catching few peepers. Being different, therefore, isn’t a bad proposition. Hopefully, the band is different in a good way, and not in the ear-piercingly awful kind of way, though.

That said, one of the more unique bands in the Philippines is Paramita Continue reading

Take That EMOs

Watch because it is funny. That is all. And hey, it is somewhat related to music. God knows that half of the so-called rockers dress and act that way.


Apparently, karma still exists in the world. Time and time again, I’ve criticized 97.1’s misguided choice to alienate the majority of its listeners by choosing to degrade its content to the drivel that other masa stations put out. And apparently, last January 16, 2008, Mike Enriquez saw it fit to turn off the rest of them by getting rid of all the DJs from the old hand, replacing them with more of the green, commercialized jockeys that so many Filipinos (sadly) find hilarious on a daily basis. Money over legitimacy and loyalty, I guess.

Now, the tables have been turned, much to my glee. Here’s an excerpt from an article from Finance Manila (edited for grammar, though):

99.5 Campus Radio – Formerly catering to the elite segment, 99.5 Hit FM (DWRT) is now changing it’s station ID, taking over the theme of GMA’s 97.1 Campus Radio. They are now known as 99.5 Campus FM. Campus Radio was resurrected as 99.5 Campus FM on Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008, with most of the disk-jockeys coming from 97.1 Barangay LS (formerly Campus Radio 97.1) who were summarily dismissed by Mike Enriquez and replaced unceremoniously by jocks from RGMA provincial radio stations as well as jocks from other masa stations. The terminated jocks resurfaced on Easter Sunday at 99.5 Campus FM, replacing 99.5 Hit FM. Meanwhile, as of April 2008, Mike Enriquez’s new 97.1 Barangay LS management and DJ’s suffered a devastating drop in ratings from a progressive #4 overall in December of 2007 to an embarrassing #6 in March of 2008.

I am feeling pretty good about this. It is never good business to alienate your fanbase, huh? To summarize my feelings on this, here’s Schadenfreude from the musical Avenue Q.

Of course, I have no clue how to verify the blog’s statements. If anyone could share a link to Philippine radio ratings, I’d appreciate it.

Also, I am listening to Paramita’s self-titled sophomore outing right now, expect me to chime in about it eventually.

Get Daydream Cycle’s First Album For Free!

Recently, both Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails both released albums for free on their websites as a “screw-you” to mainstream record labels. Considering that both albums were unequivocal successes, it is good to see artists fight back against the oppressive mainstream.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest problems with those big record labels are their tendency to pick out cookie-cutter acts and push them down our throats. Meanwhile, deserving artists get overlooked as uninspired cover songs and pseudo-celebrities dominate the airwaves. One of these bands that have been passed upon is Daydream Cycle. An indie-electronic act, the band has Continue reading

Rivermaya- Buhay

So the new Rivermaya has released a new EP. After the Rico Blanco fiasco, and the open auditions for a new singer, Rivermaya, now backed with Jayson Fernandez as the new lead singer, has come up with another record, fresh off the heels of last year’s Bagong Liwanag. Of course, Bagong Liwanag was an LP, and if one considers that Isang Ugat, Isang Dugo was a collection of covers rather than an album, Rivermaya hasn’t released a bona fide, full-length album since 2003’s (!!!) Between the Stars and the Waves. That said, Buhay definitely an important release for the band, as it establishes its new identity post-Blanco. Continue reading