Get Daydream Cycle’s First Album For Free!

Recently, both Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails both released albums for free on their websites as a “screw-you” to mainstream record labels. Considering that both albums were unequivocal successes, it is good to see artists fight back against the oppressive mainstream.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the biggest problems with those big record labels are their tendency to pick out cookie-cutter acts and push them down our throats. Meanwhile, deserving artists get overlooked as uninspired cover songs and pseudo-celebrities dominate the airwaves. One of these bands that have been passed upon is Daydream Cycle. An indie-electronic act, the band has released two nondescript albums, their debut Daydream Cycle and the more recent Underwater Kite. Passing through the difficulties that many bands undergo, the band also independently released their first album, before hooking up with Terno for their follow-up. Now, as their third album reaches the final stages of production, the band is releasing their debut album on their multiply site for download. This is a great deal, especially when you consider the price- absolutely free.

Of course, one of the issues with Multiply these days is the fact that downloading has been disallowed in favor of (slow) playlist downloads. Worry no more as the band has also included a method for grabbing those songs for local archiving. Methods are included for using Winamp or iTunes, which is basically the vast majority of music listeners. The various methods are linked to in the comments section of the album’s download page. Thanks to joeyoliver for making listening to music a lot more convenient.

Download the DDC album here.

The Multiply download method, courtesy of joeyoliver via meryl510, can be found here.

EDIT: Instead of struggling with homemade hacks to download from multiply, download the album on Mediafire or Last.FM.

For kicks, here’s the music video for Avenue, a single off Daydream Cycle’s sophomore release, Underwater Kite:

Happy listening.



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  2. it’s one of the few notable releases for me back then when all we were getting are pop rock and rap metal bands. I am so glad someone recommended them to me. Read on their site that they’re currently trying to come up with a 3rd album.

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