The Most Generic Music Video Effect Today

Watch these videos and identify the point of tangency, people.

Taken by Car’s Uh Oh:

Urbandub’s Guillotine

Mayonnaise’s Sinungaling

Simple Plan’s (shudder) When I’m Gone

Is that electronic-wavy-lines-effect THAT easy to put in a video? Mayonnaise’s version was at least modified into a PAPER-wavy-lines-effect. I’m not saying that video directors are running out of ideas, and I’m not saying that Philippine direcs are biting a Simple Plan video, of all things (After all, the band is passe). But people better start getting more creative, having all of those songs in the same video rotation kinda makes the effect all tired and boring. God knows I consider it “gasgas na”. So video editors, start getting creative. Hell, make another adobo recipe video. Now that would be interesting.

Speaking of Drip, Identity Theft is getting a mixed reaction from me. Expect a review sooner than later.



  1. Blergh. Light Graffiti — I used to think this was pretty cool — but hey, what’s cooler is a friend (during a blackout) creating the very same effect using LED lights and a camera set to super-slow shutter-speed.

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