Since I have been contacted by Yehey people, the post that was previously here goes bye-bye. However, I would still like to air out my situation here, as content theft is something that no blogger would like to experience.

In their e-mail and comment (below), the Yehey staff apologized for the offending post, citing technical difficulties or human error as the cause for the lack of acknowledgment from this article, [update: they’ve taken it down as stated here] which is an edited version of my review of Pedicab’s Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter. I saw the published Yehey article yesterday through RSS feed, and noticed the similarity to my review. At this point, I had not been contacted by Yehey in any way, and the lack of acknowledgment in their site could be considered as plagiarism. Therefore, I aired my sentiments in the previous version of this post.

Yehey has taken notice of the mishap and have made an effort to contact me about it. Therefore, I harbor no ill will to their site, though I have encouraged their staff to be more stringent in editing their site in order to avoid any similar mishaps.

A comment was left by Yehey below to apologize for the incident, which is also the e-mail sent to me,and pending their approval, I would also like to reprint my reply to them. Basically, I would hope that their site would contact anybody BEFORE reprinting and/or modifying content. Either way, Yehey has been very professional in making amends for this mishap and should be lauded for that.

However, let this be something for us to remember. Plagiarism is bad, whether you’re publishing for a website or just submitting a report for school.



  1. Dear Twoisequaltozero,

    On behalf of Teamyehey and the rest of Yehey! Corporation, I would like to apologize for this misunderstanding. You see, the article was sent to us via MCA as part of our regular updates and/or press releases. And yes in that PR–which was sent via email–and which included your original content, the link back to your blog was indeed included.

    However, due to some unforseen error via our CMS (content management system), and possibly a little bit of sleepiness on our editor’s part hehe, the URL was mistakenly left out.

    Just to let you know, we have already amended the error and have now added your link to the article.

    Rest assured we will continue to stay vigilant especially when it comes to proprietary content. I would also like to personally add that, having been an employee of Yehey for almost 6 years, we have never plagiarized content nor failed to credit the proper authors with regards to original content.

    I heartily appreciate your being on top of the issue and informing us immediately of the problem… I only wished that you had contacted us first before publishing this blog.

    But being the advocate of personal opinion that I am, I let you decide what to do with this blog post. After all, if not for the bloggers themselves, much of the content and events and other things we have would not be as it is today. We owe much to the growing Philippine internet landscape and are truly proud to carry Pinoys in our banner.

    Again, my deepest apologies for this misunderstanding. I do hope you continue to patronize regardless of this little debacle.

    If you have any more concerns or, heck, are interested in a little business proposition (nothing indecent mind you, but something that I trust you will find to be right up your alley) please contact me via my blog, my multiply or via my office email, iggyj[at]

    Cheers, and see you online!


  2. Hey it’s me again!

    Thanks for the quick and righteous redemption of lol.

    But yes I heartily aggree… plagiarism is bad! So you kids out there, remember… always credit your sources! ^_^

    More powersz to your blog!


  3. Just want to thank yehey for admitting their fault of not acknowledging the author of the review. Upon looking to this blog, I can tell that twoisequaltozero is a great music critic and yehey owns him/ her an apology or else it may tarnish the web site’s good image. As far as I can remember, there has no complains yet until this one.

    As for you twoisequaltozero, whoever you are, I believe you are a young but enthusiastic blogger/ critic. I can see you are deeply infuriated by plagiarism, but remember the only rule in blogging : there are no rules. Blogs are written to express thoughts and opinions, and be prepared on what outcome may happen. Remember there are a lot of bastards out there copying music, lyrics and blogs. You can be lucky if they apologize or do something, what if these bastards decided to copy it all and just blogged that they are the original?

    And lastly twoisequaltozero, please don’t be discourage to what happened to you. Just be impressed that more people are reading your blogs/ reviews and even a popular site copied it. Stay the same, just remember that even there are many copycats out there, we know who is the original and there is no substitute for the real thing!

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