Searching for OPM Album Art

After publishing this last year, I’ve decided to revise and republish it after websites like decided to add watermarks to their art. Without further ado, here are links that will help liven up your music collection:

Titik Pilipino– Fairly comphrehensive, but the art size is erratic and not particularly optimal– It’s foreign, so don’t expect it to be able to find many local artists, but searching here isn’t going to hurt in a pinch.

Josh’s iTunes Album Art Grabber– See above.– Ditto.

Myspace and Multiply– Bands do upload their released albums on the net, so searching their Myspace and Multiply could be useful.

KC Music Store– The art is small but the list isn’t bad. Recent releases, however, feature watermarks.– Features watermarks, though they probably offer the biggest-sized images.

Payplay.FM– plays nice with the art, with very large dimensions, but not with local artists.

CD Baby– See above.

Filipino Music Lyrics– Lots of old albums, but it hasn’t been updated since January.

OdysseyLive.Net– As mentioned in my writeup of the site, album artwork can be accessed in the artist pages when you browse their media libraries (located right under the Music Flow section).

Lyrics Ko To– Definitely not the most comprehensive site, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Pinoy Music Lyrics– Like Filipino Music Lyrics, it is not really updated, but older mainstream releases are covered.

Mia Music and Lyrics– It’s in Japanese, but there’s a search box there so that one need not understand Japanese to search for art.

Of course, sometimes it is easiest to just do a Google image search. Just type the artist name (with album name optional, from personal experience, it sometimes worsens results) and you’ll probably see some options.

Annoyingly enough, the sites that usually connect now feature unsightly watermarks, so it is a bit harder to find good images. However, Google still does the trick most of the time. And a digicam would too, if one can bear the expense.

Once again, I hope your Cover Flow becomes more colorful after reading.



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