Music Video Etcetera

It’s time to drain bandwidth again, people. These are just some reactions to videos I’ve seen recently.

Try to see the difference between these two versions of The Vince Noir Project’s Wha’ A Git.

Version 1:

Version 2:

Ah, duct tape. In Youtube, video director Quark Henares stated that Version 1 got banned. Considering that the banned version features lead singer Alessandra Tinio, for the lack of a better term, strutting her stuff in a duct-tape-top, and the final cut does not, what aspect had to be edited out isn’t really in question . Now, is it really something worth banning? It is certainly a “cleaner” concept than lesbians making out the whole video, as per the original plan, apparently. Now that’s something that might be worth the trouble. Hot lesbian action? Controversy! Of course, that didn’t stop (and most likely egged on) Penelope Cruz from lip-locking with her sister for their brother’s music video, as you can see here.

Lyrics aside, in terms of suggestiveness, is the skin showing in the Wha’ A Git video really all that? It seemed like more of a statement than anything else. Now, compare that to this video:

Compliments should be sent to Michael Sarthou and Milos Curameng for being able to craft suggestive scenes without baring very much. As for the video, yes it does appear foreign, at least until Hi C dominates the video. Also, the first time I saw it, I missed all of the rap parts, and I actually thought it was a local Ashlee Simpson/Britney Spears type dance-pop girl act.

Of course, all these videos pale to the cracktastic-ness of that Mom’s Cake video. For the uninitiated, they’re that band with the dresses- as- a- transvestite- and- sports- a- mohawk- for- comedy lead singer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find their video on Youtube, as the only ones available were live, homebrew “MTV”s, and mediocre covers (The combination of the latter two cases is also known as the Narda syndrome, as a search for Narda will bring out endless waves of poor covers of Narda and video tributes to girls using that blasted Kamikazee song as a background). Since no video is available, here’s an almost equally-cracktastic image of the band:

Remember kiddies, don’t do drugs. Oh, and for the band: Don’t look down. Unfortunately, the facial expressions on the two guys on the sides suggest that they already have. Poor bastards.



  1. You nailed it — I mean, by the end of the video (on the version shown on tv) you’d think the two girls were gonna make out … so when I checked out the director’s cut (okay, so I was eagerly awaiting some cut-out grrrlongrrrl) I was like … “wuh?” … prude, much?

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  3. Yeap. Read that. You have some wicked reviews of what’s out here locally — I’ll add you up the blogroll, alright?

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