Random Musing On Cambio and Music Television

While people are lauding local videos for their increasing production values and similarity to foreign acts (hello, colonial mentality), one does have to keep in mind that it doesn’t take a million props or top-of-the-line-studio lights to make a memorable music video. Think of Radiohead’s Just or that adobo recipe video that I keep talking about. One recent video that shuns the extravagant production values would be Cambio’s latest, You Wear Me. The video fits the tone of the song, and it is most certainly one that is unlike any other video in rotation right now. Hey, bigger isn’t always better, and all the bells and whistles might just detract from the video anyway. Here’s You Wear Me courtesy of Youtube:

One thing that could be considered a problem with the video, though, would be the sound quality. Of course, since it was done live and in one take (check the comments), I guess we should just appreciate the rawness of it all. For contrast, this is the album version:

And hey, at least they didn’t make another desert-themed video. It’s getting almost as offensive as the light graffiti thing.

Also, the next bastard that calls a “music video” a “MTV” should have his/her mouth washed with soap. Not only does it sound retarded, MTV hasn’t really played music videos since the 90s, just countless crap reality shows, the equally annoying Punk’d (yes, accusing someone of pedophilia is funny), and the stupidly exorbitant excuses for entertainment (My Super Sweet 16). To be fair, the MTV playlist is still better than MYX’s (no masa singers). I have heard that a local TV station played some pretty good music, but I’m guessing it’s defunct now.


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