So… How About Those Eraserheads?

Those poor bastards that were billing Daughtry as the “rock event of the year” must be damning the ‘Heads right now, huh? They were asking for it, though. Rock event of the year my a**.

While I was blissfully innocent in the heydey of the Eraserheads, their influence on the music landscape is unquestionable, and calling them the most popular band in the history of the Philippines would not raise an eyebrow. That said, I personally believed that the many posts on the so-called Eraserheads conspiracy theory were avid fans of them reaching for something that wasn’t there. After all, it’s not like there have been murmurs about a comeback for the past few years. Still, the concentration of posts on the topic recently got a bit annoying after a while. Once again, I wasn’t there to appreciate the band’s success. Thus, I don’t have the same emotional investment in their little reunion. Also, it has to be a bit annoying for bands, though, that they’ll be ignored for the next two or so months as this lovefest continues. That is of course, if they aren’t busy jumping for joy themselves because of the reunion.

Enjoy this, people. There could be another WOWOWEE scenario (Never call it the ULTRA tragedy, it’s the network that has more fault here) that unfurls come August 30 (knock on wood).