Yes, This is an Eraserheads Post

But it certainly isn’t going to be a long one. Suffice it to say that I was there, I was enjoying myself before Mr. Buendia’s sudden medical emergency, and I was definitely disappointed at the abrupt ending.

However, I was more disappointed at the asses who were clamoring for refunds while Lally Buedia and the remaining ‘Heads were on stage trying to stay composed. Yes, we didn’t get the entire concert. But then the 10+ songs they performed were plenty, though their heavy-hitters were still in the wings for the encore. Still, sweet nectar after a drought isn’t supposed to be bad, right?

Also, doing drugs is bad, as the actions of those people behind us would prove. God knows how umbrellas umbrellas can’t be brought into an open air stadium but drugs can. Of course, considering the events that occurred, I guess it was very wise to bar the potential projectiles.

I’d make a list of relevant posts, but Mr. Katigbak has already done a splendid job on that. Also, the Saguijo gig that ensued is something I definitely wish I saw. Oh well.

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