Sopiz- High School Life

A pubescent Session Road at first, then a less-catchy Avril Lavigne group as their debut goes on, Sopiz should be commended for not just sticking to the typical pop-rock themes of love and loss, as their initial foray into the local music scene also features stalkers, terror teachers, and exams, playing well with their band and album names. Sadly though, the rest of the musical package is lacking, as the album suffers from a severe case of schizophrenia, shifting from the pop ballads in the opening tracks into a pop punk sound in the second half, then finishing with a more alternative rock sound in the end. At the same time, there isn’t a standout track, essentially wallowing in its mediocre pop sound aside until the album’s two punk covers, one of Prettier Than Pink’s Cool Ka Lang and Sharon Cuneta’s (of all people) High School Life. The subsequent punk sound fails to impress as well, with cheesy execution marring the passable thematic focus of the band. In the wake of Hilera’s impressive debut album, even younger acts such as Sopiz have to be held to higher musical standards, and this album doesn’t meet them.

Rating: C-

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