No Drip in NU Rock Awards

As I browsed the polls for this year’s NU Rock Awards, I just noticed that there was a definite lack of Drip in the equation. Is Drip a bit too offbeat for rock event of the year? Of course, there were also a lot of very deserving nominations in the polls, but it’s sad that there is a distinct absence of the fantastic Identity Theft from the album of the year discussions (save Luis Katigbak’s support, of course).



  1. We’ve been calling up Mark Laccay to get a copy of the album, but he has not been showing up in the station to submit Drip’s full length CD. Nor was there any follow up of any kind. They just submitted their single. Now in the station there are deadlines to be met and they did not meet it, nor was there any effort on their part to present their full length cd. All we have are the current Drip singles submitted to us on a cd sampler.

  2. Randy said they didn’t turn in their CD. juiceboy said they did. and i know they did turn in their cd. what happens? o baka naman NU just don’t want Drip on their list?

  3. Hi twoisequalzero and your readers!

    This is Paul Pajo, Drip’s webpromoter, as mentioned by Mark Laccay in their Official Multiply Site where I cross-posted this link, this issue has been resolved. Thanks to all who passionately commented! I’ll quote Mark here:

    “ATTENTION!!!!! here’s the latest news on this topic: A Representative from NU107 just called me up 5mins. ago and said they have FOUND the REQUIREMENTS WE HAVE SUBMITTED to them… apparently it has been on the security guard’s desk ever since we dropped it off…… so in this light they told me we are in for nomination. We THANK YOU for everyone’s unwavering support as this thread has evidently showed…., and thank you to the NU107 staff who have been diligent enough in looking for our “lost requirements”….. we greatly appreciate everyone’s comments. Now we encourage everyone to take it to the Next Level by casting in their votes…NU107 told me that we all may vote for DRIP in several categories which are: Best Vocalist, Album of the Year, Best Video ( Morning After and Fallen) Best Album Packaging, and Producer of the Year….
    it may be a long shot with all the competition but who knows…… we may even take Drip’s music to international award giving bodies with everyone’s support…..
    again SALAMAT!!! We owe it All to You, who continue to support DRIP


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