Dear Kabayan Central,

Your album art of Up dharma Down’s Fragmented is upside down.

That is all.

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Listening to Bipolar

I find it amusing that Up dharma Down placed their commercial jingle “Float Away” “Clarity” in their latest album as a hidden track. Only without the corporate shilling. Or any lyrics whatsoever.

As for the album launch, I do think that it was an unequivocal success, as the band expressed surprise at the dense and enthusiastic crowd and lamentation for those that couldn’t get into the Hexagon Lounge (which was a great venue save for weak air-conditioning, especially when the crowd piled up). As reported, the band played most of their new album, as well as some favorites from Fragmented, with an encore of The World is Our Playground and We Will Always Be Home (much to the glee of one particularly vocal fan). Weirdly enough, they didn’t perform any of their three (arguably, but not really) biggest singles (Oo, Maybe, and Pag-Agos). Of course, that could be explained by their revamped sound (guitarist Carlos Tañada describes Bipolar as a “new first album”). The band was also gracious enough to sign autographs, and seemed to be friendly even after a long and tiring set (drummer Ean Mayor looked especially tired, which was no surprise considering his drumwork that night).

Oh, and that limited edition packaging looks really nice, though the manufacturing was less than stellar (glue marks were in mine). Still certainly worth the 500 PHP when considering the autographs and the set and the drinks though.

One last observation: Up dharma Down definitely has that breakthrough potential that the internets anoint them with, especially when you consider the varied audience they attracted last night, with the bloggers, rock photogs, foreigners, and even some EMOs (complete with matching accessories) thrown in for good measure.

Going Off Topic Here- You Got Rickroll’d

News on How MTV Just Got Rickroll’d

While I am certainly not worldly enough to never give you up or let you down, I am certainly amused and pleased by this turn of events caused the man who is going to fuck up MTV’s plans for dictating the tastes of mainstream media. Tokio Hotel? Britney? Best act ever? Serves them right.

Straight from the man himself (via the link above) : “The majority of the other entrants in the category for Best Act Ever (Green Day, Tokio Hotel, Britney, U2, Christina Aguilera) simply don’t belong there,” adding, “If we were being honest, you’d have groups like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones.”

Let’s just hope nobody decides to Barbe-Cueshe the NU Rock Awards.