Last.FM to Charge €3/month for Radio Service

I really do have impeccable timing. Right after posting about Daydream Cycle’s first album being available on Last.FM, the site announces that they will no longer allow users outside the US, UK, or Germany to use their radio services without paying €3 a month. Pandora has already shunned non-US consumers, now that Last.FM is out as well, where are we supposed to find new music?

Addendum: Free downloads and 30-second previews are still available according to the comments on the link above. It’s the artist/user/group recommendation radios that are disabled (which basically still neuters the service for us). Someone should use the Last.FM recommendation data/API and aggregate music to play user recommendations.


Daydream Cycle’s Debut Album is Still Free for Download

A while back I posted a link to Japs Sergio’s multiply page, as one of his bands, Daydream Cycle, placed their debut album up for download. Of course, Multiply no longer allows the downloading of the mp3s stored on their site (not willingly, anyway), so people had to make do with third-party software or homemade hacks to get the music on their computers.

Fans will suffer no longer, as the band has now uploaded digital copies of their debut album on Sergio’s Multiply site (now via direct-download service Mediafire) and their Last.FM page. Why turn down their brand of dreamy electro-pop for the low, low price of free?