On to the Next Show

I’m slightly disappointed that I didn’t put in the effort to update this blog, but I’ve done a lot of things since I last posted. I don’t consider graduating from college and getting my engineering license a waste of time, and I’ve always kept an ear listening to what’s been interesting in local music. Things have been interesting in the last few years too; old mainstays1 are putting out good albums, and independent music is making its presence known in the local gig scene and on the internet 2. I’ve been itching to write about Techy Romantics, Encounters with a Yeti, Kate Torralba et al., but I’d really like to let sleeping dogs lie and call it a day for this site.

That said, I’m starting a new blog up. I find value in writing again; it lets me journal my thoughts and keep a record of the things I have and will enjoy. You can read it at Compress and Play. My interests have changed and broadened from 5 years (!) back, so I won’t just be writing about local music. I aim to write about the technology and software I use, links and stories I find interesting, and, yes, the local music I listen to. There are a couple of posts there right now, so you can see how the way I write has changed3.

Anyway, thanks for the page views and the comments; good night!


  1.  Up dharma Down’s Capacities and Urbandub’s Esoteric are both really good. I’m optimistic the new Drip and Sheila and the Insects albums will come out soon. 
  2. I swear if another good-but-hard-to-buy album like the tide/edit EP comes out on Soundcloud or Bandcamp, I will begrudgingly give up my credit card number. 
  3. I do indeed read Grantland, why do you ask? 

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