Dear Kabayan Central,

Your album art of Up dharma Down’s Fragmented is upside down.

That is all.

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No Drip in NU Rock Awards

As I browsed the polls for this year’s NU Rock Awards, I just noticed that there was a definite lack of Drip in the equation. Is Drip a bit too offbeat for rock event of the year? Of course, there were also a lot of very deserving nominations in the polls, but it’s sad that there is a distinct absence of the fantastic Identity Theft from the album of the year discussions (save Luis Katigbak’s support, of course).

Random Musing On Cambio and Music Television

While people are lauding local videos for their increasing production values and similarity to foreign acts (hello, colonial mentality), one does have to keep in mind that it doesn’t take a million props or top-of-the-line-studio lights to make a memorable music video. Think of Radiohead’s Just or that adobo recipe video that I keep talking about. One recent video that shuns the extravagant production values would be Cambio’s latest, You Wear Me. The video fits the tone of the song, and it is most certainly one that is unlike any other video in rotation right now. Hey, bigger isn’t always better, and all the bells and whistles might just detract from the video anyway. Here’s You Wear Me courtesy of Youtube:

One thing that could be considered a problem with the video, though, would be the sound quality. Of course, since it was done live and in one take (check the comments), I guess we should just appreciate the rawness of it all. For contrast, this is the album version:

And hey, at least they didn’t make another desert-themed video. It’s getting almost as offensive as the light graffiti thing.

Also, the next bastard that calls a “music video” a “MTV” should have his/her mouth washed with soap. Not only does it sound retarded, MTV hasn’t really played music videos since the 90s, just countless crap reality shows, the equally annoying Punk’d (yes, accusing someone of pedophilia is funny), and the stupidly exorbitant excuses for entertainment (My Super Sweet 16). To be fair, the MTV playlist is still better than MYX’s (no masa singers). I have heard that a local TV station played some pretty good music, but I’m guessing it’s defunct now.

More Bashing Here

Click this.

Readers of this blog know how much I hate posers, and the link does an excellent job in identifying the more excessive, prevalent, and irritating poser groups. Thankfully, not all of those cults exist here in the Philippines. Unfortunately, that only makes the present ones even greater in numbers, and thus far more annoying.

Easily the Creepiest Referrer So Far

For those who have been reading the blog for a while now would remember that it was once named “Parents, Your Child is Looking at Porn”. Eye-catching to be sure, but not very credible, so now its twoisequaltozero (which while still completely unrelated to music, is at least shorter and easier to remember). I also wondered if people would actually try typing parentsyourchildislookingatporn.wordpress.com, which is not only long and unwieldy, but also wrong. So, why do I bring this up? WordPress plays nice with bloggers who use its service, and site authors get to see what led people to check out the blog. It’s safe to say I was bewildered to see what one guy/gal was searching for on Google.

Disturbing, to say the least. But, hey, I guess the blog has come full circle now, as porn searchers are led to this site even with the blog name change. Is that a good thing? Hope they like Filipino music, because there’s no porn here (yet).

More Free Music from Nine Inch Nails

One of the more popular links I’ve placed on the site is the one to download Daydream Cycle’s eponymous debut album. After all, free music is pretty much a good thing, as long as the music is good. And the success of Radiohead’s In Rainbows shows that digital distribution can be a boon to the industry, with Radiohead garnering significant sales and airplay from the project. The music industry is evolving before our eyes, just like it evolved from records to cassettes to CDs.

While many have cried foul over the rise of digital music, Trent Reznor (of Nine Inch Nails fame) is not one of them. Called by Time as “the most vital artist in music”, NIN’s lead singer has recognized the enormous popularity of the digital format, and released Ghosts earlier in the year for free on his site (though one must pay in order to get all of the 38 [!] tracks), rather than see them inevitably pop up in torrent sites. More recently, the band released cryptic messages about their next album, pointing towards a May 5 announcement. Now that May 5 has passed, we know what that announcement is– that next album, The Slip, is being offered for free on the band’s website. In related news, Thom Yorke shrugged.

Nevertheless, this turn of events should serve as a reminder for all of us that we must be able to adapt to the constantly-evolving music scene. Rivermaya has of course done the same thing before by releasing Free (Interestingly enough, Japs Sergio, whose Multiply page hosts DDC’s album, is a member of ‘Maya. More interesting is that he joined Rivermaya AFTER Free was released, so he can’t be considered the mastermind of both releases.), but it is probable that free digital distribution is not readily viable yet in the Philippines. However, the local industry has to learn to cope with new technologies and trends. Just like how local CDs are priced lower than foreign ones to stimulate local music economy, something should be done so that local musicians can benefit from the new technology, rather than suffer. While most local bands now have Multiply sites and Myspace pages, more must be done. Sites for legal music downloading like Fliptunes.net do exist, though I cannot gauge how popular the sites are. This is one pressing issue that the local music industry will have to deal with, most probably sooner than later.

Did I forget something? Oh yes, the link. Download The Slip here.

What the Hell is that Orange Button Over There?

WARNING: This blog post is not really related to music in any way, and was written as part of RSS Awareness Day.

Let’s be frank: the Philippine Islands are definitely not as technologically advanced as other countries. From sluggish DSL to the delay in receiving new hardware like a legal iPhone, many Filipinos get the short end of the stick when it comes to the latest technology. Hardware aside, this is also true for software and internet utilities such as file converters or the Google Apps. While many Filipinos have more serious and pressing issues to attend to, I still consider it disappointing that many still consider Friendster as the best social app and IE as the browser of choice. Of course, my inherent nerdiness may have something to do with that, but I digress.

Today, I would like to explain what the hell that orange button over in my sidebar is. Continue reading

Take That EMOs

Watch because it is funny. That is all. And hey, it is somewhat related to music. God knows that half of the so-called rockers dress and act that way.