Who is Twoisequaltozero?

Hello, I am Twoisequaltozero, and I am the arrogant bastard that writes this weblog.

How Did You Get Into Local Music?

I was introduced to the intricacies of local music through a high school batch mate who is Ely Buendia’s self-proclaimed biggest fan. Spurring from a mixtape of his, I discovered local bands like Sugarfree and Mojofly and my preference for OPM stuff spurred from there. I soon stumbled upon more independent artists such as Up dharma Down, Paramita, and Drip from their limited coverage in MTV, and found out more about such bands from online weblogs such as Lastdodobird and Otistikako. The exposure to the counter-culture style of said blogs allowed me to become more and more of an local indie music enthusiast. Much of the content in this weblog is about the independent rock scene of the Philippines, though I’ll cover whatever floats my boat.

What Type of Music Do You Listen To?

While I won’t shoehorn myself into any particular genre, I do have a soft spot for more esoteric aural experiences over the tried-and-tested-and-murdered formula used in lesser examples of local songwriting. I’ll listen to anything once, and I’ll listen to it again if I like it. That said, some of my favorite groups are Up dharma Down, Drip, Sheila and the Insects, Sound, Sugar Hiccup, Influence-era Urbandub, Daydream Cycle, Narda, Outerhope, and the Radioactive Sago Project. Preferably, I’ll listen to music that’s not bashed into my head by shock jocks on masa stations.

Why This Blog?

When I watch televisiona and listen to the radio (and I do a fair bit of both), most of the coverage given are for groups or artists that I feel are undeserving, over acts that could put the attention to better use. I am a staunch detractor of mainstream media because they push artists that I feel do not push the envelope nor create as intriguing music as other bands. While some good bands do get mainstream coverage, they are more of exceptions to the rule rather than the norm. I was very fortunate to discover more innovative and intellectual artists through a combination of luck and web-browsing, but I know a lot of “rockers” who think 6Cyclemind and Sponge Cola are the be-all and end-all of local rock music. I gained a lot of insight from music blogs and sites like Pulse.PH or Philmusic.com, so I’d like to help spread the word about deserving artists, as well as call out some of the things I find appalling or interesting in the music scene today.

Also, since I study in the College of Engineering, there is little opportunity to practice my English writing, so this blog will also help ensure my English doesn’t deteriorate (Never mind, it’s too late).

Contacting Me

I am not looking for textmates so I’m not going to leave my cellphone number here. However, you can contact me at twoisequaltozero@googlemail.com . You can also add me as your Multiply contact at twoisequaltozero.multiply.com. Of course, you could also comment on the blog posts, which would be easiest, I do reply to most of them. My Last.FM profile is here. Plurk here.

Subscribe to the Blog

Since it is tedious to keep typing something as long as http://compressandplay.wordpress.com/ into your browser, you could always subscribe to the blog and have my content come to you instead. To learn more about subscribing to a blog, click here.



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